AFM+E – effective advocacy for independent energy

AFM+E is the Foreign Trade Association for Petroleum and Energy in Germany. It is an advocacy organisation which represents the interests of independent companies vis-à-vis policy makers, mainly in petroleum products but also in biofuels, natural gas and electricity. The focus of the Association is on free trade, fair competition conditions, tax relief and simplification rather than superfluous bureaucracy.

AFM+E represents the interests of independent energy companies in the SME sector in relation to politicians, ministries and authorities. The focus is on Berlin, Bonn and Brussels. The majority of members are the leading independent importers/suppliers of petroleum products. As a result, the predominant topics in the association are those concerned with oil supply and with product quality in Germany and Europe.

The work of AFM+E has an external focus and is geared to exchange of information with politicians and ministries. The majority of discussion partners are in the following federal ministries: Economics, Environment, Finance, Transport, Agriculture. The dialogue with stakeholders is conducted by the Board, the management and experts from the member companies.

AFM+E cooperates very closely in its advocacy work with MEW (Mittelständische Energiewirtschaft Deutschland e.V.), our umbrella organisation in the oil business in Germany, in which AFM+E plays a key role.

AFM+E regards its work in Brussels as an integral part of its activities, since a substantial proportion of legislative initiatives originate from the EU nowadays. This ensures that issues are dealt with on a coordinated basis in Brussels and Berlin. Our interests are represented by UPEI, the Brussels-based umbrella organisation of the energy industry's SME sector (Union of European Petroleum Independents).

Nikolaus Gehrs

Chairman of the Board of AFM+E Foreign Trade Association for Petroleum and Energy in Germany

„We have demonstrated again and again that we SMEs can not only create jobs by our entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to take risks, but can also develop new fields of business and activity. We have repeatedly identified new market niches, and are rightly regarded as a driver of innovation. I am convinced that the independent SMEs in the petroleum business have plenty of opportunities, and that SMEs will continue to increase their importance in the energy sector.”

AFM+E Aussenhandelsverband
für Mineralöl und Energie e.V.